Podcast: Books are Bad, m’kay

This podcast was recorded on July 17, 2018. In 100 years historians will be listening to this podcast to help them understand what life was like in the early 21st century.

In this podcast, we determine that reading books may be bad; especially if you plan to see the movie. Doug talks about the Martian Chronicles by Edgar Rice Burroughs and contrasts the books with the John Carter movie based on the books. We talk about unsustainable growth and Mr. Faulkner’s Old Fashioned hot dog stand. We manage to go off on tangents … surprise! Draconian, allegorical, and other big words get bandied about.

Margaret Atwood (the author’s name Doug can’t remember)

Consequences of Poor Judgment

This is Episode #15. Can you believe it? We almost manage to stay on a theme with this podcast. That theme was supposed to be consequences of poor judgment. Since I am the king of poor judgment, I can speak as an authority on the subject.

One of the silly assertions we didn’t have time to report in the podcast was that the Muslims blamed a recent earthquake on a group of young people who got naked on a mountaintop and “angered the gods”. They claimed the infidels who got naked on their beach more recently were likely to cause a tsunami. Now those are some serious consequences for some pretty frivolous and innocuous behavior.

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F**cked by the Babysitter

I’m pretty sure I have done more intros than just the Halloween episode, but Mr. Sound Guy says he does them all. Having not received a single comment at comments [at] lifeishardpodcast [dot] com, we speculate that maybe there’s a configuration problem, or the Russians have hacked our e-mail. Of course, we must discuss the 11.5 year old boy who got banged by his 20 year old babysitter, with the approval of his father, and the judge who presided over the case. As you might expect, all of the adult men thought the 11 year old was getting off (no pun intended) to a jolly good start and the child welfare people felt the babysitter got off too easily (45 seconds!). We discuss the details, and take a few minutes to discuss the recent shooting of an 8 year old girl by an 11 year old boy (warning: very disturbing story).

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Disgusting Self Improvement

Yup, #5 is the self improvement episode. We’re still not sure how this happened. You could blame it on Mr. Monday, our guest, but we never blame our guests. Generally, we blame the sound engineer for everything that goes wrong.

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the elixir that claims to cure everything

Episode #4 is here! We have our first guest, Mr. Monday. This is the elixir that claims to cure everything but actually gets you drunk. It’s irreverent and probably irrelevant, but that’s what’s fun about it. If you choose to drink to the word “Nazi”, you may not be standing by the time we finish, but it’s not what you may think.

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