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The Podcast That Didn’t Happen

Before you waste too much time, searching for the June 1 podcast, I have some bad news. Well, it’s more like a rumor than it is news, but rumor has it that Rob, having been stressed by the process of purchasing a home, and then discovering that a Fernandina Giant Tortoise, long thought to have been extinct, was discovered on Fernandina Island (imagine that!), he was compelled to catch a flight to Ecuador, from whence he will take a boat to the Galapagos Islands to investigate. Some people have speculated that he was really trying to get out of the closing costs on his new home, but Rob has always had a soft spot for tortoises.

We had a lot to talk about, without even discussing some really disturbing recent events like the shooting at Agua Dulce Fire Department, and another at the Santa Clara Valley Rail Yard. Also, more than 200 bodies of children were discovered at the site of an Indigenous school in Canada that was run by … you guessed it … the “pro life” Catholic Church. And here is a tragedy involving unsecured firearms and two children, 12 and 14 years old.

We also didn’t need to wade into the cesspool we know as politics in the United States, although there was lots of fresh meat there that would be worthy of discussion.

It could be worthy of mention that we had yet another cyber attack on a large corporation in the U.S.

Actually, I had some random ideas to discuss that can probably wait until next week. In the mean time, I’ll leave you with two new words I learned while reading my beloved Atlantic Magazine. The first one is “salubrious”, which means, quite simply, “healthy”. (You were expecting something more complicated?) The second one is one I’ve seen before but never bothered to look up (I’m lazy sometimes). It is “inimitable”, which describes something that is so good or unusual that it cannot be duplicated.

Sorry about the missing podcast. You might get a laugh out of this story about some hateful boaters that got their just rewards. If that didn’t satisfy you, try this 17 year old girl pushing a momma bear off of a block wall to save her dogs.