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Another After-Show, July 16

Well, it happened again … we ran out of time on the main show and decided to continue recording our after-show discussion. I don’t really recommend these ad hoc recordings, but if you feel like listening to our regular show isn’t bad enough, who am I to say that you could probably benefit from psychotherapy.

July 16, 2020 After-Show Discussion

We discuss coffee, the Twitter hack, basic human nature, billionaires getting richer during the crisis, the USPS, and more … or less.

Camping Together

As a lover of outdoor adventures, this article really touched my heart. There is nothing sadder to me, than to realize that a large number of people are afraid to discover the natural beauty that the wild places on our planet have to offer. I’m afraid this is just another example of the white privilege that I take for granted.

by Doug (are you kidding me? Rob would never extol the virtues of the outdoors!)