Monthly Archives: February 2019

The Missing Podcast

It’s only Saturday and rumors and conspiracy theories are already circulating on social media about the missing February 19 podcast. I feel like I need to set the record straight.

First, the federal government did not block our Internet access. Rob and I make no secret of how we feel about the puppets who claim to represent us in Washington DC, but they were not responsible for the lack of a podcast. As far as I know, the puppet-masters do not see us as a threat to their hegemony, so we have not been targeted for any unfortunate “accidents”. Yet.

The most likely impetus for a podcast to go missing is that the aliens who sent a probe to our solar system and have been monitoring all of our transmissions, realized that I was on to them and found it necessary to abduct me and reprogram my brain so that I could not reveal their nefarious plot. If that did happen, I honestly have no recollection of it, so that is just reckless conjecture.

Based on my highly unreliable organic memory, there was some scheduling conflict on Tuesday the 19th of February which resulted in some discussions of a late Friday night recording session that ended in a decision to skip a week altogether. I saw a Twitter post that claimed we might try to hide the omission by recording 2 podcasts on February 26th and posting one of them as if it was recorded on the 19th. To that, I can only say, we’re not above doing such a thing.

The year of two thousand and nineteen has already been a rocky one for our podcasting schedule, with several podcasts rescheduled, and possibly (as yet unconfirmed) an entire cycle skipped. We do, however, labor to bring you your weekly update on the hardship that is our life because we know just how hard it is and we want to make sure that you do too.

Yours in Hardness,