Fox News vs. Donald Trump

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Fox News, or Donald Trump, but when Donald Trump butted heads with Fox, I found myself taking his side, inasmuch as it served my personal agenda.

Is Donald Trump a Democratic Trojan Horse? Will this be the end of Fox News? What happens when Donald says “April fools!”, and drops his campaign while laughing hysterically for days?

What if that theory was put forth by Democrats who didn’t want Republican voters to take Trump seriously? Wow! This is like looking for the end of a circle.

Life has gotten even harder since our last episode. We need patrons more than ever. If Rob can’t get his car repaired, we’ll have to record the podcast over Skype. Personally, I hate that option, and technically, it will be inferior. It may be too late, since all of our serious fans are now in a coma because of our drinking game, but even a token of support from those of you who are still conscious would boost our spirits!

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