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The Tin Can Era

The Life is Hard Podcast has moved! You can find our older stuff here, but for the latest, newest, hippest, greatest, unbelievably awesome new stuff, check out our new home at Tin Can Media!!

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We’re Not Dead, Yet.

Wow, we’re really missing out on a golden opportunity for podcasting about the state of things in general! Rob has been working 6 days a week on a new job, but someday, he’ll return and he’ll be better than ever. I have no excuse for being absent. My life is always chaotic, but I’d make time for the podcast if Rob were not so busy. I can’t do the podcast alone, because I have such a dry sense of humor, I need someone like Rob to keep the audience from sinking into a coma.

I can’t tell you when we’ll start podcasting, again. It could be a month or three. Rob is talking about moving a few hundred miles away, so we’ll be recording in Google Hangouts, Skype, or something similar. I will be sad to see him go, but he is going where there will be much more opportunity for him to prove to me that life isn’t so hard, after all. Who knows? Maybe he’ll find someone close to his new home with whom he can record, and he won’t need me anymore.

Life really is hard when your friends keep moving away. I guess it could be worse. 😉

Thanks for dropping by.

A Different Approach

Life really is hard these days. We had to record our podcast on Google Hangouts, because we couldn’t find a way to rendezvous somewhere where we could record. As a result, I (Doug) was driven to drink throughout the “Hangout”. There will be no MP3 from this episode, as it was all done on-line. Google Hangouts is a great convenience when you can get it to work, but you get what you get.

So, I hope you enjoy this week’s “podcast” on Youtube. We’re not really configured for this sort of recording, and it shows, but it could be worse.

Fox News vs. Donald Trump

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Fox News, or Donald Trump, but when Donald Trump butted heads with Fox, I found myself taking his side, inasmuch as it served my personal agenda.

Is Donald Trump a Democratic Trojan Horse? Will this be the end of Fox News? What happens when Donald says “April fools!”, and drops his campaign while laughing hysterically for days?

What if that theory was put forth by Democrats who didn’t want Republican voters to take Trump seriously? Wow! This is like looking for the end of a circle.

Life has gotten even harder since our last episode. We need patrons more than ever. If Rob can’t get his car repaired, we’ll have to record the podcast over Skype. Personally, I hate that option, and technically, it will be inferior. It may be too late, since all of our serious fans are now in a coma because of our drinking game, but even a token of support from those of you who are still conscious would boost our spirits!

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Serial Tweeting

How to use Twitter to tell a cliffhanger! Twitter games? We talk about the basketball playing police officer in Gainsville, Florida and other friendly law enforcement officers. Tweet us your cliffhangers at @lifeishardpodcast! (is that redundant?)

Rob kindly pointed out that these posts are funny, when I’m in a “decent” mood when I write them. Well, if you must know, I’m not in the best of moods, tonight, but I’d like to think I’m still funny, at least in my sinister, dark, moody way. Life is hard, you know. I can’t always be in a “decent” mood.

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Celebrity Death Match


In this, our 2nd episode of 2016, we talk about the recent loss of two great musicians and how the death of Glenn Fry crushed my childhood dreams. We also talk about the recent Democratic debate, low flying signs, things we don’t and have never advocated, and some other, really interesting stuff.

Did you know that you’d have to spend $1141.55 every hour of every day, 365 days a year for 100 years to burn through 1 billion dollars? What’s really crazy is that, if you were getting at least 1% interest, you’d never run out at that rate of spending. Just something to ponder.

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Eating for Dollars

Who knew you could make money, eating in front of your web-cam? We also offer our thoughts on the big Powerball lottery, some slurping noises, and other somewhat random topics.

This was our first catered podcast with a studio audience! However, before you think we’ve arrived and we no longer need your support, you should know that our studio audience brought the food because we’re too poor to provide food for our guests. If you’d like to improve the menu for future podcasts, and maybe even watch us eat the food on camera, you can become our Patreon and help us grow our production.

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The Metrics of Prostitution

This is our first episode of 2016, but we’re still kind of stuck in 2015. We talk about the legality of offering driving lessons for sex. We also discuss fame and we attempt to explain the metric system, but the result is a gigantic fiasco by any system of measurement.

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The Walking Dead Episode

This episode was recorded at the end of October, 2015. Once in a while, we record an extra episode in case we fall behind. This one has been in the queue, waiting for release. Since I often get into a similar state, I felt bad for it and decided it was time to let it have it’s moment in the sun.

We talk about a guy who killed his friend while watching “The Walking Dead”. Normally killing your friends isn’t funny, but this is a special case. We also discuss our ideas for a universally offensive t-shirt, guns vs. killer cars, how to kill someone with a flag, and some other crazy, but well informed and insightful shit.

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