F**cked by the Babysitter

I’m pretty sure I have done more intros than just the Halloween episode, but Mr. Sound Guy says he does them all. Having not received a single comment at comments [at] lifeishardpodcast [dot] com, we speculate that maybe there’s a configuration problem, or the Russians have hacked our e-mail. Of course, we must discuss the 11.5 year old boy who got banged by his 20 year old babysitter, with the approval of his father, and the judge who presided over the case. As you might expect, all of the adult men thought the 11 year old was getting off (no pun intended) to a jolly good start and the child welfare people felt the babysitter got off too easily (45 seconds!). We discuss the details, and take a few minutes to discuss the recent shooting of an 8 year old girl by an 11 year old boy (warning: very disturbing story).

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