Internet Vengeance, Episode 8 3

We discuss the power of social media and how much I like Ana Kasparian from The Young Turks. The Couch Potato Outlaw suggests that I might need to drink a bear and that we haven’t gone to the moon. This is the first episode in which we use the Way Back Machine. If you play the drinking game on this one, you’d better take very small drinks. You can download episode 8 for offline listening or watch/like/subscribe on Youtube.

3 thoughts on “Internet Vengeance, Episode 8

    • doug Post author

      Aha! That is the mystery of podcasting. We could be like “The Naked Scientists”, or we could look like Bob & Doug McKenzie from the Great White North, sitting around in parkas, mittens, and snow boots.

      Thanks for the comment/compliment. I can tell by the inflection in your font that you’re really sexy, also.

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