Virtually Homeless

We’re primarily publishing on, now that they are done with their self-inflicted blackout. The goal is to publish here, in parallel, but we don’t always meet our goals.

Since we are living in a world where the cost of housing keeps going up and we have a very limited budget here at the Life Is Hard production facility, there is no telling when we might get evicted from any of our satellite hosts. For that reason, you should bookmark this site and check here whenever you need to find us. This is our headquarters … our home base … the place we crash after a hard night, so you’ll always find us here, even if you do find us draped over a sofa or chugging Excedrin to quiet a roaring hangover.

We knew life was hard before we started this podcast (hence the name), so don’t worry about us. We’ll find a way to patch up the window that someone threw a rock through, and we’ll keep selling aluminum cans we pick up on the roadside to bail Doug out of jail, so we can bring you our unique insights into current events, science, and the military industrial complex, with an occasional public service announcement to show that we care.